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Just letters. Just words. Or maybe, characteristics that can define a person. 

Whether it be about fitness, business or life in general, I approach everything with guts, resilience, intensity and toughness. Why go through the motions and give a half-ass attempt at doing something when that 'something' is a direct representation of yourself?! I have taken this outlook on life and used it to fuel me at the gym - to help mold and transform the absolute thing that represents me on a visual level. 

I decided to create GritFit Apparel so that others that feel the same way, that approach life like I do, can show off their G.R.I.T. , and to spread and possibly motivate others to become GritFit as well. 

I can not thank you enough for your support and your hand in playing a part of spreading GritFit into the hearts and minds of everyone around you!


Tory Tarnowski